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eggdrop @ (windows version windrop)
emech @ (windows version cygmech)

Eggdrop info

Tcl/eggdrop forum, english language
Tcl/eggdrop forum, romanian/english laguages
Eggdrop bots information, shell accounts & tcl scripts (refernce page - anything you need)

Eggdrop Tcl scripts

Eggdrop Tcl scrips archive
Public version of a&a script, service script for eggdrop with hundreds public commands & options, advanced channel/user stats & protections
One the of best botnet script, if you have a big botnet - it is a "must have" (advanced & neat coding)
Short nick script (interesting coding)
A big & complete script, LoL's TooLz 7.0c (complex coding)
A set of scripts with basic commands available, Designed & Written by TCP-IP & Developed by Ninja_baby (neat & readable coding)
The intelligent IRC bot script (complex script, a lot of features, code simplicity)
Undernet distributed bot lending service. Free eggdrop robot lending no longer active, but a summary along with a PDF document describe the project and publish the source code.

TCL/Tk web references & resources

Tcl Developer Site: news, resources, features, training, links, etc. anything you wish to know about Tcl
The Tcl'ers Wiki: a collection of information related to Tcl/Tk
Software tools and utilities: Metakit, Tclkit, Starkits, etc etc
Visual Tcl is written entirely in Tcl/Tk and generates pure Tcl/Tk code


Here you will find a lot of information about IRC networks as they were seen during the last measurement
pastebin - collaborative debugging
programmers community, helping each other