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How to compile an eggdrop



Keywords: compile eggdrop, install bot, step by step, howto, faq, help, troubles, problems, explication
Aditional links: Compilation and installation of eggdrop, compile guide and FAQ,, how to install a&a light script
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To do: add new user by telnet, add egg config generator
Status: to be updated, last update: 25.03.2012

First of all, check the '$username.log' file created by the eggdrop (as it is set in a&a light by default, the file should be in the 'logs' folder). You might have to wait a little before the log is written (as quick-log isn't enabled by default in a&a light, the causes are obvious). We will also give out some examples.

The most common problem is:

* Can't determine your hostname! (or * Hostname self-lookup failed.)

We will take two cases for this. First case is that your server/box uses only 1 (one) IP address.

In this case it might be possible that you didn't set the IP right. If your server has only one IP then you should leave the 'set my-ip' setting commented out (as it is by default in a&a light). If you did modify it then add a '#' in front of it and retry starting the bot. If this does not solve the problem then you should add above it the 'set my-hostname' option like this: set my-hostname "localhost" (remember, you should use localhost only if your server/box only has 1 IP address).

The second case is that your server/box uses more than 1 IP (2 or more) and you need to bind the bot process to a specific IP.

If your server/box uses more IPs then you should set the one that you want the bot to bind to (remove the # in front of the setting and then add the preferred IP between the quotes, something like this ""). If this still doesn't solve the problem then you should add the 'set my-hostname' setting above this (something like this: set my-hostname "" or whatever the hostname for the respective IP is).

There is a third case though (undepending of the number of IPs the server/box has) that is only happening with a&a light and some Linux distros (can't give out any examples because it mainly depends on the way the server admin configures the box). This third way is a more unorthodox way, but still works, and it is done like this: move the 'set my-ip' option above all other settings in botnick.conf (just below the '#$$$$$$$$$$$ Edit all the settings bellow $$$$$$$$$$$$' line). This should definitely get the bot started.