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Botlending members: #a&a
Latest versions: Eggdrop 1.6.21, a&a 0.04.00 Beta 1


25.10.2011 -eggdrop - Eggdrop1.6.21 released. It can be downloaded from or Eggdrop1.6.21 release announce.
24.07.2010 -eggdrop - Eggdrop1.6.20 released. It can be downloaded from or Eggdrop1.6.20 release announce.
08.08.2009 -docs - Updated how to compile an eggdrop article. Any feedback or suggestion is welcome in botlending projects area.
20.07.2009 -scripts - New a&a light release, v0.04.00 Beta 1. In this release you will find bug fixes and optimisations. For full info - read HISTORY (find it in ascript.README folder). For discussions, suggestions & bug reports regarding this version - visit a&a light forum.
15.06.2009 -eggdrop - Eggdrop1.6.19+ctcpfix released. It can be downloaded from or This is a bug fix release, so it's recomended to update your eggdrop ASAP. Eggdrop1.6.19+ctcpfix release announce.
19.04.2008 -eggdrop - Eggdrop1.6.19 released. It can be downloaded from or Eggdrop1.6.19 release announce.
15.07.2006 -eggdrop - Eggdrop1.6.18 released. It can be downloaded from or Primarily this is a bug fix release. Eggdrop1.6.18 release announce.
27.11.2005 -poll - Botlending qualifications: #g&g - rejected > checking. League qualifications: #MyBot - 2nd > 1st, #y&y - 2nd > 1st, #lmt - 3rd > 2nd, #botland - 3rd > 2nd, #n&m- 4th > 3rd, #e&e - 4th > 3rd. League disqualifications: #007 - elite > 1st.
17.11.2005 -audit - November botlending audit @ 27.11.2005.

A few reasons to join botlending & to become a member

  • Botlending guarantee of your services & trustworthiness (based on analyse of your channel activity, helping logs & users survey)
  • Botlending tech support
    • bot scripting & enhancement
    • subportal personal webpage with full channel info & stats
    • access to botlending docs database (in at least 2 languages: english & romanian)
    • access to botlending seen database
    • access to botlending channel list database (blacklisted or abusive channel list included)
    • access to botlending forum support
  • Botlending promotion: all traffic from full member channels will be redirected to your channel, IRC & web promotion, mutual member support
  • Your channel services enhancement
    • Helper courses
    • Botlending projects implication (as a result botlending knowledge & experience enrichment)
    • Your services standartization harmonised with botlending standards
  • And last but not least, the pleasure to take part in a comunity which share the same passion for BOTs & IRC, which evolve every day in experience & knowledge